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Prep School Plunge

Sunday, December 2nd

Thank you for raising funds for Special Olympics New Hampshire through the Prep School Plunge!  The money that you raise will support more than 3,000 athletes across New Hampshire.

Every Plunger needs to raise at least $200 to participate in the Prep School Plunge. The fastest and easiest way to raise funds is by creating your own fundraising webpage. When you register for the Plunge, create your fundraising page. Customize the page by adding text and photos then send it to everyone you know through email and social media.

Donors can use a credit card to donate directly to your Plunge on your fundraising page.  All donors will receive an email that will serve as a receipt for their tax deductible contribution.
You can also collect donations by cash and check. Checks should be made payable to SONH. Cash donations should be recorded on a cash donor record form. All cash and check donors will receive a mailed (or emailed) acknowledgement of their donation.
Looking for a little motivation?  Check out our incentives or watch a video about Special Olympics New Hampshire athletes Bonnie, Jasmine and Charlie.  

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Fundraising Tips

  • Set a goal and reach it in manageable steps.
  • Encourage your donors to ask their employer about matching gifts.
  • Set up your email signature to include a link to your fundraising webpage.
  • If you don’t receive an answer the first time you ask, ask again! Sometimes people mean to donate, but they don't get around to it. Friendly reminder e-mails, progress updates, etc. help to nudge the process along. It is also helpful to remind people of the event date and when you need to collect all donations.
  • Remind people why you’re fundraising. Funds from the Prep School Plunge benefit Special Olympics New Hampshire whichprovides year round sports training and athletic competition for more than 3,000 athletes with intellectual disabilities in 16 sports during four seasons year round. These donations are changing attitudes and changing lives!
Adults with ID who have been in Special Olympics are 100% more likely to be employed than peers with ID who have not been involved.
Pre-schoolers with intellectual disabilities participating in the Young Athletes program achieve critical development goals at three times the rate of those not participating — for those with Autism, the gains are nearly four times as great.
    • Here’s an easy way to raise $500 in just five days:
       Day 1
       Ask 5 family members to donate $50 each ($200)
      $250 raised
       Day 2
       Ask 5 other students to donate $10 each ($50)
      $300 raised
       Day 3
       Ask 5 teachers to donate $10 each ($50)
       $350 raised
       Day 4
       Ask your parent's employer for a company donation ($100)
       $450 raised
       Day 5
       Ask 5 neighbors to donate $10 each ($50)
       $500 raised