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Laura's Get Fit for Sport Blog

September 15, 2016

Hey – this is Laura Davies. Okay, I admit it – last night I didn’t work out. Uh oh! I got too tired after work, got on social media and just didn’t have it in me. I was pretty disappointed in myself. Does that ever happen to you? I’ve decided that if that ever happens again, and I’m sure it will, I’m going to try to do things to motivate myself.  

Here are a few of my ideas:
1) put on my favorite music and dance – I’ll make it a great cardio work out.
2) call a friend to see if they can help me get through my work out.  
3) review my fitness goals and remember why I started this.  

What do you do to inspire your workout?  Share your ideas with us at #SONHGetsFit. We'd love to hear from you.
Now, lets Get Fit for Sport!

September 8, 2016

Hey Laura Davies here, let me explain my work out week. First I went to Steele Hill, where I have a membership and lucky for me it has a gym! I warmed up by stretching, then walked and later ran on the tread mill. After that I rode the bike and climbed “hills” to get a good muscle work out. Then I did free weights and sat in the Jacuzzi for a nice relaxing break.

Since starting school it’s been hard for me to get to the gym during the week because I work after school. But I still get my exercise in because I climb a lot of stairs setting up tables at a local restaurant. I also have to carry bus buckets and water pitchers, so it’s like carrying free-weights, and it makes me stronger. I love my job and it’s nice to get a work out in at work...it’s a two for one!  Nutritionally, I’m focused on all the fresh produce from the garden. I love ripe tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and green beans. All of these things help me Get Fit for Sport.