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Parker's Get Fit For Sports Blog

September 27, 2016


September 18, 2016

Hello Fellow Athletes and Friends,

This is Parker Thornton, from Get Fit For Sport, and I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.

I'm here this week to talk to you about adding small weights when you do your walks around your neighborhood or track.  You can also pick up your pace when walking, that will bring your heart rate up, but don't over do it.

What can you use for weights? If you don't have weights available, I recommend cans of fruit, soup or vegetables. That will give you the feeling of holding something heavy.

And lastly, I am adding Triathlon training to my Get Fit For Sport routine.

Until next time, keep a smile on your face, believe in YOURSELF, and keep up the fantastic work.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the Rail Trail Rally in October.

Yours In Sports,

September, 6 2016

Greetings NH Athletes,

This is Parker from Nashua Special Olympics, athlete and Global Messenger.  I have been working with Laura Davies, my good friend who is also an athlete, on the Get Fit For Sport Challenge.

Let me tell you, I need it! I've been rusty over the summer, and have gained  some weight. I am now 192lbs. My plan is to start an exercise routine, and my goal is to be 187lbs, by October 1st at the Rail Trail Rally at Proctor Academy.

Every morning I watch motivational videos to get myself going.  Click here to see one of my favorites!

I continue to drink lots of water, and avoid all sugary drinks and soda.

I'll be in touch next week, maybe with a video for you all to watch!
Until Next Time,
Parker Thornton