Plunge Day

Prep School Plunge

You’ve registered, you’ve raised funds, you’ve checked in…now it’s time to PLUNGE!



Plungers can arrive at Pickney Boathouse at Brewster Academy anytime after 10:30 am.

Plungers, pampered penguins and their guests relax at the boathouse before the Plunge.

When it’s time to Plunge, all Plungers will head to the changing areas. Men, women and staff have separate areas. We recommend that Plungers do not leave valuables in the changing areas.

Each wave will be called one at a time. When a wave is called, those Plungers move from the changing area to the beach where the countdown begins. You should bring only items that you will take with you into the water. When the timer hits zero, the wave jumps into Lake Winnipesaukee!

As you exit the water, you will be handed a towel and directed back to the changing area. After putting on dry clothes, you can head back into the boathouse where lunch will be waiting.

After all waves have Plunged, there will be an awards ceremony.