The following was written by former SONH President & CEO Mike Quinn

Priscilla Dowse came to Special Olympics New Hampshire via Special Olympics Wyoming and then Special Olympics Vermont. She was known then as an innovative Program operator, a hard worker and a strong advocate for Special Olympics athletes. We recruited her to join us in New Hampshire and she eventually did.

Certainly, she was a strong addition to the SONH staff in 1994 and was very instrumental in the growth of the program at that time. Among her many contributions, one of the most significant was her embracing and expanding our efforts in Athlete Leadership Programs.

Many memorable examples of her dedicated efforts from blizzards at the Winter Games to tropical storms during Summer Games only serve to enhance examples of her work ethic and dedication to delivering a quality experience to the athletes and volunteers.

She left SONH in 2003 to return to Special Olympics Wyoming and took over that program while it was experiencing a number of significant challenges. With her hard work and dedicated efforts, she righted that ship and moved it forward.

Priscilla will be missed throughout the Special Olympics Movement. Her understanding of the basic need for an emphasis on providing an excellent program of sports training and competition balanced with an emphasis on bringing Special Olympics athletes into the mainstream of society is vital to the future of Special Olympics.

Congratulations to Priscilla on an outstanding and notable career and our very best wishes for a long and pleasant time to reflect on the significant benefits she has brought to thousands of athletes, volunteers and family members.

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