Often called “America’s Greatest Inventor” Thomas Edison was born in February of 1847. While he technically didn’t “invent” learning at home, he was certainly an early participant.

The past several months have seen Americans finding new ways of doing things and that includes “Distance Learning” and other forms of home-schooling. This heartwarming video captures, in a nutshell, the story of Thomas Edison. A child with hearing issues and somewhat prone to distraction, Thomas Edison lasted only 12 weeks in the public-school system.

The video tells the story of Thomas Edison being taught at home by his mother. Edison read many books and eventually began teaching himself about subjects he had an interest in.

Widely credited with inventing the light bulb, the (then) modern telegraph and the phonograph recorder/player. Today when you Google Thomas Edison you get a side panel that tells you that people that searched for Edison also looked for Nikola Tesla, Alexander Graham Bell and Albert Einstein among others. Not bad company for a kid who had trouble in school.