The Special Olympics New Hampshire Pick-Your-Prize Raffle might help someone make their backyard dreams a reality. It’s filled with great prizes for your yard.

The first drawn winner will have the option of selecting any of the three prizes available. Second drawn winner will have the option of selecting from the remaining prizes. Third drawn winner will receive the remaining prize.

If none of these great prizes will work for you then you can choose the cash option and walk away with a $2,500 cash prize.

Your odds of winning are pretty good with a maximum of only 3,000 tickets being sold and we have less than 200 tickets left. That’s why all sales in these last days are online only.

You can still purchase your ticket(s) by clicking here.

A big thank you to everyone who have been helping us sell these tickets and to everyone who has purchased them!

The winner’s will be drawn on Wednesday morning October 28, 2020 live on WSMN radio (AM 1590/FM 95.3) in Nashua. Hear it live here and watch it on Facebook Live here.