Alex Beauchner is multi-faceted Special Olympics New Hampshire athlete. He’s competed in basketball, softball, track and field and he represented Team New Hampshire at the 2022 USA Games in swimming. He brought home two silver medals and a bronze.

Alex is also a Special Olympics New Hampshire Athlete Leader. Alex says his best moment in SONH was attending Athlete Leadership training. “In that training we build as a team and that’s what SONH stands for,” he says.

SONH isn’t the only place Alex is a leader. ABLE NH is a organization that advocates for the rights of those with any form of disability. Alex Beauchner serves on the ABLE NH’s Board of Directors and is the current Vice-President of the board.

Outside of Special Olympics, Alex says that his service to ABLE NH is his biggest accomplishment. He’s been involved with both SONH and ABLE NH for about a decade. He has been awarded the Disability Justice Star of the Year award from ABLE NH.

Lisa Steadman serves on several boards in various parts of the state and is the President of the ABLE NH Board of Directors. She says, “one of the people I can rely on the most is Alex.” He co-chaired the ABLE NH Events Committee with her and that became training ground for Alex’s journey to Vice-President of the board. With a hint of pride in her voice Steadman says “If I’m ever not available, Alex is going to have to run the (board) meeting. We had to be sure he was ready, and he is.”

Where does Alex see himself in a few years? His plan involves both SONH and ABLE NH. Referring to ABLE NH he says “I want to see us working with SONH more. I feel like the connection we have with (SONH President and CEO) Mary Conroy is incredible. I think we can strengthen that connection by doing more events involving the two organizations.”

Alex Beauchner is not only a leader, but he’s a leader with a plan.

Pictured above: Alex Beauchner at the 2022 Special Olympics USA Games in Orlando, Florida