Employees from Associated Grocers of New England Volunteer at our Summer Games 2023

This year, the State Summer Games are proudly sponsored by Associated Grocers of New England, the largest retailer-owned wholesale grocery distribution center in the region. Catering to a diverse array of independent retail grocers, from multi-store supermarket groups to neighborhood convenience retailers.

Associated Grocers of New England has been steadfast supporters of Special Olympics New Hampshire (SONH) since 1990. Sarah Masters, Corporate Communications and Engagement Manager at AG, emphasizes that their partnership with SONH runs deep within their organizational culture. It’s not merely about corporate philanthropy; it’s about genuine investment in the athletes’ success and the program’s impact on the community. For AG, the victories of SONH athletes are shared triumphs, and they’re committed to celebrating and contributing to their achievements.

The connection between Associated Grocers of New England and Special Olympics New Hampshire extends beyond financial support. Eric Tinker, the Director of Perishable Sales at AG, also serves as Chair of the Board of Directors for SONH. He has partnered with Charlie Helfrich, an SONH athlete, through various running initiatives. Their collaboration culminated in running the Boston Marathon last year, and they’re gearing up for the Delta Dental Mount Washington Road Race this year.

Furthermore, a dedicated group of AG employees regularly volunteers at SONH events, eagerly anticipating the State Summer Games each year. According to Sarah, the allure of the Summer Games lies in the vibrant atmosphere of camaraderie and outdoor festivities. AG not only donates their products to provide meals for athletes, families, and volunteers but their employees also roll up their sleeves to serve and assist wherever needed. Their motto is simple: “Put me where you need me.” Whether it’s filling in the gaps or ensuring the smooth execution of the event, AG is committed to making the State Summer Games a memorable and successful experience for Special Olympics New Hampshire.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to everyone at Associated Grocers of New England for their unwavering dedication and support of Special Olympics New Hampshire!