Cool School Winni Dip

Thank you for raising funds for Special Olympics New Hampshire through the Cool School Winni Dip!

Each High School Dipper needs to raise at least $200 to participate. Each Middle School Dipper needs to raise at least $75 to participate.

The fastest and easiest way to raise money is by creating your own fundraising web page. When you register online for the Dip, you will be prompted to make your own fundraising page. Customize your page by adding text, photo and video then send it to everyone you know through email and social media.

Donors can use a credit card to donate directly to your Dip on your fundraising page. All donors will receive an email that will serve as a receipt for their tax-deductible donation.

You can also collect donations by cash and check. Checks should be made payable to “SONH.” Cash donations should be recorded on the cash donor record form. All cash and check donors will be mailed (or emailed) an acknowledgement of their tax-deductible donation.



1 Ask five family members to donate $50 each $250
2Ask five other students to donate $10 each $300
3Ask five teachers to donate $10 each $350
4Ask your parents employer for a $100 company donation $450
5Ask five neighbors to donate $10 each$500