There is no cost for athletes to participate in Special Olympics New Hampshire.  Local Programs are assessed to share the costs associated with state competitive games (50/50).  Annually SONH will review finances from the previous year to determine assessment costs for the upcoming year.

Assessments rates are calculated as follows:
Assessment Rate = (Total Games Cost /2) /# of Athletes & LPVS

Assessment rates for 2019 (based on 2017 actuals) are outlined below:

GamesAssessment Rate (per person)Housing Rate (per bed per night)
State Winter Games$90$25
State Basketball Tournament$40N/A
State Summer Games$75$32
State Golf Tournament (5 holes)$40N/A
State Golf Tournament (9 holes)$50N/A
State Golf Tournament (18 holes)$60N/A
State Softball Tournament$0N/A
State Bowling Tournament$30N/A


Housing is a pass-through cost to Local Programs.  SONH will assess a Local Program at a rate equal to the cost associated with booking the accommodations.  Rates for 2019 are listed in the table above.

Please note that only registered athletes and LPVs may stay in Games housing assigned through Agon. Family housing is available in separate locations as needed.

Please note that at Winter Games you will be assessed for any empty beds in a room in addition to beds that are occupied.

Family Housing is available for Summer Games and Winter Games separate from athletes and registered LPV’s.  Local Programs can choose to pay for family housing or require families to pay for their own housing.

New Credits

Funds raised by the New Hampshire Law Enforcement community through the Law Enforcement Torch Run are used to cover the assessments (and if applicable, housing costs) associated with new Local Programs and new athletes during their first year of participation.

Assessments will be waived for:

Assessments will not be waived for:

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