Special Olympics New Hampshire is an athlete-centered movement that welcomes athletes with intellectual disabilities, as well as Unified Sports® partners, of all abilities to participate in sports training and competition.

During the course of participation in Special Olympics, all athletes may have the opportunity to attend events that include housing in hotels, motels, dorms or other housing facilities that require room sharing.

In order to provide for the health and safety of all Special Olympics participants, and promote a safe and positive experience, the following policy has been adopted to give guidance for housing athletes, coaches and/or LPVs at all Special Olympics New Hampshire events.

Please note that the terms “Special Olympics athlete” and “athlete” refer to persons with intellectual disabilities. The term “volunteer” includes Unified Partners.

When housing athletes at official Special Olympics New Hampshire events, or on sanctioned trips that may or may not involve event activities, the following minimum requirements must be met:


Athletes and volunteers may not share a room with an athlete or volunteer of the opposite sex. The following exceptions, however, may be allowed if determined to be feasible, i.e., space is available and cost is not a factor.


The LPV/athlete ratio of at least one properly registered LPV to every four athletes must be maintained during overnight events.  Proper supervision can be maintained without having a chaperone present in the room at all times. All LPVs must be compliant.

Young Athletes

Young Athletes® events that involve overnight activities require increased supervision and therefore, Young Athletes participants must be accompanied by a properly registered and screened parent, guardian or an individual designated by a parent or guardian at all overnight activities.  Rooming assignments for Young Athletes should be separate from the remainder of the Local Program, whenever possible (for example, separate hotel rooms).

Implementation of Policy

In all cases, the responsibility for implementing this policy shall be the responsibility of the Local Program, whether at an in-state or out-of-state event.

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