Every Local Program Volunteer (LPV) prior to beginning with Special Olympics New Hampshire (SONH) is required to fill out a Local Program Volunteer Application.

SONH requires a background check on all adult Local Program Volunteers.

Volunteer applicants are automatically disqualified from providing services, with no appeals process if their background includes a conviction for:

Notwithstanding the above list of offenses, SONH reserves the right to disqualify any volunteer applicant from providing services for any reason or no reason whatsoever.

Convictions for DWI/DUI or comparable offenses or three or more moving violations within the past three years will disqualify the volunteer from driving on behalf of Special Olympics.

SONH will notify the applicant involved and the Local Program Volunteer if a background check requires clarification.  

The final decision of an applicant’s volunteer status shall be determined by the President & CEO.


If a Local Program has a Local Program Volunteer who cancels at the last minute, and they do not have a certified replacement, the Local Program Volunteer has the discretion to fill the position. The fill-in volunteer must bring a signed Local Program Volunteer Application, take Protective Behaviors and complete their background check by the day of the competition.


Local Program Coordinators will inform Special Olympics if a volunteer, athlete or family member, etc. is relieved of their duties or is asked to leave the Local Program as soon as possible.

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