Every athlete must complete the appropriate application every three years:

Application for Participation Instructions:

Page 1: Basic Demographic and Health Information

This should be filled out by the athlete, parent, guardian or caretaker. If additional pages are needed to be submitted with medication or other health information, please ensure that the athlete’s name is on all additional pages.

Page 2: Medical Certification page.

In order to process an Athlete Application for Participation, page two of the application MUST be signed by a certified medical professional. An athlete’s compliance is based on the date of the medical professional’s signature.

A print out from the doctor’s office cannot be substituted for the signature on the SONH application because there is specific, Special Olympics related language in our form which makes it different than a print out or other type of release.

Page 3: Consent page

The third page of the application provides consent to participate in SONH events, consent to be treated medically should the need arise and consent to allow SONH (and/or our supporters) to use the athletes name and likeness to promote activities of Special Olympics, among other details.

Page 3 must be signed and dated by either the adult athlete that is his/her own guardian or the athlete’s guardian.  

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