Bowling – Tenpin

Tenpin Bowling is one of our Fall sports. We offer competition in Singles, Bumper Singles, Singles with Support, and Bumper Singles with Support. Athletes train for a minimum of 10 weeks in preparation for the State Bowling Tournament. 

Tenpin Bowling Ramp

We have identified a tenpin bowling ramp that can better assist athletes in a wheelchair bowling with more convenience and independence. These ramps are specifically designed so that athletes can approach the ramp directly from the back, offering them a view directly down the lane. With the ramp directly in front of the athlete, we hope this will help athletes aim better, and push the ball down the ramp with less difficulty.

The ramps are about 13 pounds and can be broken down for transport. Please see the link below for details on the ramp:

Tenpin Bowling Ramp

If your local program is interested in one of these ramps, SONH can order them and deliver to your bowling alley during a practice. The cost of the ramp is $70 and will be automatically deducted from your Net Funds.

Please note, these ramps are only compatible with tenpin bowling balls.