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High School Plunge

Saturday, February 2nd

You've registered, you've raised money, you've checked-in...
now it's time to PLUNGE!

  • 10:00am: Costume parade registration (sign up at the top of the casino ballroom stairs)
  • 11:15am: Staging for the costume parade will be begin
  • 11:30am: Costume parade takes place in the Casino Ballroom
  • 12:00pm: PLUNGE!
  • 12:30pm: Post Plunge Party at the Casino Ballroom
Plungers can arrive at Hampton Beach any time after 9am. We recommend that Plungers arrive by 9:30am if you have not already checked-in or by 10:30am if you have already checked-in at one of our remote check-in sites.
There are several metered parking lots available along the beach (meters aren't active during the winter). There are also several parking lots along the side streets, as well as behind the Casino. If you need to check in, head to the Ashworth by the Sea Hotel. If you’ve already checked-in, go directly to the Casino Ballroom.
Plungers and their guests (all must have wristbands) relax at the Casino Ballroom before the Plunge.  At 11:30 the Costume Parade will take place at the Casino Ballroom.
After the Costume Parade, Plungers head to the changing trailers located on the boardwalk. Plungers are assigned to a wave (which limits the number of people taking the Plunge at one time) and trailer. We recommend that Plungers do not leave valuables in the changing area.
Each wave will be called separately. When a wave is called, those Plungers move from the Casino Ballroom to a staging area on the beach where the countdown begins. You should bring only items that you will take with you into the water into the staging area. When the timer hits zero, the wave runs down the beach and Plunges into the Atlantic Ocean!
As you exit the water, you will be handed a towel and directed back to the changing trailer. After putting on dry clothes, you can walk across the street to the Casino Ballroom where lunch will be waiting.
After all waves have Plunged, there will be an award ceremony in the Casino Ballroom.


  • Top Plunger (plunger who raises the most money)
  • Top School (school that raises the most money)
  • Top Fundraising School (school with at least 5 Plungers with the highest per plunger average)
  • Best Individual Costume
  • Best School Costume

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I bring to the Plunge?
Warm, loose clothing to change into after you Plunge. We strongly recommend Plungers wear sneakers and wool socks into the water. There’s no need to bring a towel as one will be provided to you upon exiting the water.
  • Where can I park at Hampton Beach?
There are several metered parking lots available along the beach. There are also several parking lots along the side streets, as well as behind the Casino. Handicapped accessible parking is available.
Do all Plungers plunge at the same time?
No. Plungers are grouped into waves consisting of about 300 Plungers each. A Plungers wave is determined by number of years that person has plunged. All schools are grouped into the same wave.
  • What happens after the Plunge?
The Plunge Party takes place right after the Plunge. Food and music are provided at the Casino Ballroom. Costume and fundraising awards are presented.
  • Can I bring guests to the Plunge Party?
Each Plunger may receive two wristbands (one for the Plunger and one for a guest) that allow entry to the Casino Ballroom for the Plunge Party. Additional wristbands are available for $20 each. Space is limited and wristbands will be sold on a first come first served basis. Only registered Plungers and guest with wristbands are allowed into the Casino Ballroom.
  • Is there anywhere I can buy Plunge gear?
Souvenirs are available for purchase inside the Ballroom Casino.
  • Where is the best place for spectators to watch the Plunge?
Spectators are welcome to stand along the outside perimeter of the fence line designating the official “Plunge Zone” in order to watch the action. Spectators are not allowed entry into the changing tents or Plunge Zone.
Why can’t my friend/relative go to the water with me?
For the safety of all participants, spectators are not allowed to enter the Plunge Zone, which is the fenced-off area on the beach. We know this is disappointing for supporters who want to see the action up close, but these crowds of spectators create a hazardous situation for Plungers who are trying to enter and exit the water quickly, only to find that they are being blocked – or worse, pushed back – by a large group of enthusiastic onlookers.
  • How far into the water do I have to go?
That is completely up to you! Some people dip a toe into the icy Atlantic while others dive right in.
  • What wave will I be in?
Your wave is assigned based on he number of years you've been plunging.  Every member of a school will be assigned the same wave (based on the Plunger in your flock who has Plunged for the most years).  People who have been Plunging the longest will be in Wave A.  New Plungers will be in Wave C.
  • Can my friend be in the same wave as I am?
Yes!  Make sure you and your friend are registered as members of the same team and then you'll be in the same wave.